Airport Project Management

Cennox offers stakeholder coordination between the site integrator, the TSA, the airport, the airlines, and the city/county for project planning, shipment, delivery, and installation of all TSA baggage and passenger screening security equipment. Specifically, Cennox coordinates with the stakeholders to manage the designs, documentation, permitting, scheduling, construction, asset management, installation, and inspections of projects located at over 600 airports and consisting of a single piece of equipment to a multiple phase baggage or checkpoint installation.


Cennox performs site validations which sets the ground work for the designs, asset management, documentation, and rigging capabilities.


Cennox delivers the documentation for permitting, sub-contractor awards, asset management, and closeout of a project.


Cennox works with all stakeholders to produce the master schedule for a project. This includes working with the OEMs, the subcontractors, the TSA, the airport, and the city/county to supply technical support, escorting, permissions, and inspections for the project.


Cennox works with subcontractors to coordinate the overall schedule and produce the scope of work as well as oversee the work for the project.


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