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We are open for collaboration

We work with the world’s leading businesses as their managed service change partner. Our spirit of customer first, customer driven, ensures each collaboration exceeds service excellence across all things facilities, security and technology.


We transform the environments in which our customers thrive.  From early inspirational design sessions to their facility redevelopment, fit-out and careful ongoing site maintenance; we are trusted for all things facilities.



We innovate security solutions deployed worldwide, protecting our customers’ facilities, assets, staff, and clients. Trusted to protect, driven to excel, we are committed to remaining your partner for all things security.

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We provide cogent advice around the procurement, installation and ongoing support of your technology infrastructure needs.  A partner to ensure your systems connect and serve your requirements from every push of the button. Cennox is there for all things technology.


The only partnership you’ll ever need

Cennox is one of the most diverse and trusted brands in managed service partnerships. We invest in building strong and meaningful relationships with our clients. Committed to remain their single source supplier supporting them on their transformation journey of growth and operational efficiency.

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Global problem solvers, finding transformational solutions

We believe in innovating the solutions that can shape how our customers grow and flex with market change. Our global footprint of facilities, people, skills and experience, feeds our infectious appetite to be the ultimate go-to partner for all things facilities, security and technology.

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The latest news and initiatives. We maintain a constant lookout for what’s next — Follow news and programs from Cennox around the world as they unfold.

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September 25, 2023
Drive for net zero
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June 23, 2023
Cost of living up, interest rates up, financial difficulties up. What can be done now?
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March 10, 2023
Introducing new solutions designed around customer experience and payment efficiencies
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October 6, 2022
A strategic partnership for EV charging technology